Nonprofits in the time of 2020

Leaves of Change VT supports nonprofits


As COVID-19 forced lockdowns and unemployment rose in the county where we are located, we were invited to provide organizational development support to a new coalition of local health & human services nonprofits. After initial discussions and meetings, it became clear we would become much more involved with the evolving coalition of health and human professionals of the Lamoille Health and Human Service Regional Command Center (LAH2S-RCC). Since March, Leaves of Change VT has provided over 100 hours of pro-bono professional expertise to the group, which led to funding and execution of business reopening kits, business PPE grants, distribution of food cards, and the design of a local coalition to follow up this ad-hoc command center. Additionally, Leaves of Change VT donated $25,000 of technical assistance to local nonprofits outside the LAH2S-RCC coalition that were severely impacted by COVID-19.

We greatly appreciate the trust organizations have put in our abilities and experiences and look forward to continuing to refine services to address evolving needs of nonprofits.

Continuing and Growing Services of Leaves of Change VT


Leaves of Change has been fortunate to gain three new clients, while continuing with three core clients. Services listed on our newly updated website ( reflect growing and changing services nonprofits have been requesting, including:

  • Identifying new funding sources as individual donors are no longer able to be as generous or foundations’ priorities switched to COVID-19 response activities.
  • Exploring their organization’s contribution or part in systemic racism and how to be more inclusive, respectful, and not contribute to oppressive systems.
  • Pivoting services to reflect the new realities of a virtual world.
  • Facilitating challenging conversations with their boards about the future of the organization.
  • Starting or continue a strategic planning process amidst the pivot to virtual meetings.

Reflections on 2020

As I stand back and reflect on 2020, I’ve learned quite a bit, including:

  • I’m humbled and grateful for all of the incredible people I’ve met and worked since starting Leaves of Change VT. Their support and trust in my work is deeply appreciated.
  • I’m struck daily on how much I thought I knew and how much I really don’t know or understand about the world. In response, I’ve been taking classes and participating in alliance groups to better understand my place as a white woman, living in a 99% white state, and how I am contributing to systemic racism. Anyone interested in joining me in this journey, please reach out.
  • I’m excited by my work every day. The issues, challenges, people, and creativity keep me going….even through the dark moments of 2020.