Strengthening Nonprofits Capacity: Leaf by Leaf

Leaves of Change VT is committed to becoming an anti-racist organization in our internal systems and work. In this commitment, we are working to dismantle ways white supremacy is embedded in systems and cultures of our own internal work, as well as in the nonprofits and philanthropy clients we work with.

We acknowledge our shortcomings and are continuously pushing ourselves to do better.

Leaves of Change VT acknowledges that the majority of our operations and work takes place on land stolen from the Wabanaki peoples. This acknowledgment resists the erasure of indigenous histories and ongoing colonization.  We recognize that this acknowledgement is not enough and are working on ways to both internally change and externally inspire actions towards a sustained commitment to land, indigenous rights, and equity.

1% Pledger,  Vermont Common Good consultant


Planning for Change

Strategic planning, program design, collective impact, collaborative building

Learning & Unlearning

Building and sharing skills and knowledge, mentoring and collaborating

Grants for Growth

Identify, Access, Design, Write, Monitor, and Report

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