Our Approach


Leaves of change VT (LOCVT) builds the capacity of humans to effectively and compassionately pursue their dreams and organizations to achieve their missions. LOCVT appreciates unique strengths, taps into unlocked potential, and facilitates change.

Who we are

A collective of experienced facilitators partnering with nonprofits to build inclusive and prosperous communities.

We show up for our clients, creating relationships and trust. We work with clients to create a brave space to learn and unlearn.


Access. We believe in eaqual access and inclusion for everyone. We strive to create systems that are inclusive and accessible. We recognize our privilege and contribution to existing exclusive systems and are working to break and recreate these systems.

Collaboration. We believe that our most meaningful work happens in the context of relationships – between people and organizations. We provide opportunities to learn, share, improve, and reach collective goals and impacts.

Life-long learning. We believe in learning and unlearning – no one knows everything, and everyone knows something we don’t. We think expansively, make connections, and seek out innovation and creativity. We appreciate school learning and lived experience as sources of new knowledge.

Social change. We believe in the power of people and organizations to create a world where we want to live and thrive.

Appreciation. We believe that appreciating people’s differences and uniqueness are what creates dynamic and adaptive relationships, organizations, and communities. We support and build upon individual and communities’ strengths and potential.